Client Resources

Client Resources


Here you will find various practical resources which are frequently used by our team of support workers in the face to face sessions with you and your child.

The materials provided are to help people who wish to become more independent, work towards a new career, or simply wanting to lead a more fulfilling life. The aim of these exercises is to help people to overcome barriers that they have in their daily lives that prevent them from moving forward. They will help you to realise your potential and enforce simple but effective ways of boosting your confidence and helping you keep track of the things you need.

 Getting Started

 Dealing with stress

 Dealing with disappointment

 Deciding what you want

 Being assertive

 Creating an impression

 Keeping records

 Learning to learn

 Overcoming relationship conflicts

 Coping with change

 Organising your time

 Setting goals

 Making it happen

 What I know

Resources taken from Hopes and Dreams