Life's Ups & Downs

Life's Ups & Downs

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes we feel like we are more down than up. Resiliency is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from these ups and downs or difficult situations in life, and we’d like to help make this happen. You may be already really good at this which is good news, but why not have a look and see if there’s any new tips and techniques which may be able to help.

Building on these skills is really important becomes it means that you will feel less stressed, less worried and feel more able to deal with whatever life brings, which can sometimes be unpleasant.

Lots of young people don’t think their stressed when they actually are. So…how do you know when your stressed, worried, or upset? Sometimes we don’t know we are until it is too late and it comes out as anger, frustration or being ill.

Becoming aware of your stress sooner, will help you to keep safer and healthier.



  What are the sympoms of stress?

  How do you cope?