Sleeping and Activity

Sleeping and Activity



Sleeping can be a really difficult thing to do if you’re stressed or worried about something cant it? 



  • A bit of science for you! Your brains calming chemical oxytocin and the sleep hormone melatonin need to be activated to help you get to sleep! The best way to do increase this is to try and have a soothing routine. For example, snuggle up and read a story before bed; dim the lights; or use soothing music.
  • Try and avoid eating lots of protein foods before bed (at least two hours). Some examples of these are meats, fish, milks, cheese. All of these foods will activate the brain (the opposite of what we need to happen before bed!). Instead if you’re still hungry after dinner, try foods which are known as carbohydrates (like a banana) because this helps us to produce serotonin in the brain, which can help make you feel sleepy!
  • Keep a dim light/nightlight on if your frightened by the dark- worry won’t help you get to sleep!
  • Having a light, doesn’t mean your phone!  Your phones, along with other electrical devices such as ipads and laptops and televisions give out artificial light which stops the release of melatonin (a hormone which we need to help us sleep). Oppositely the light activates the brain neurons and makes us feel more awake or alert! So try to stay away from these for a couple of hours before bed J
  • Talk about things which are worrying you if you still cannot relax. Feeling suported will help you settle. Alternatively use some positive self talk. LINK.
  • Try and get some more physical activity during the days. This and seeing more daylight will help you sleep at night.



  • Fresh air, sunshine and space can calm both parents and children.
  • Exercise can release chemicals in the brain which help to combat stress and low mood
  • Also exercises like jogging where you keep going for a longer period of time, will help you to concentrate more and feel more alert.

So, why not try going for a walk with friends or family (or on your own if your old enough and have permission from your parents/carer); take your dog for a walk; run to the shop as opposed to walking and see whether you can feel any differences!