Thinking Differently

Thinking Differently

Examples of positive self-talk/thoughts


When practicing these positive self-talk expressions could help:

  • When preparing to do something which provokes anxiety and you are having thoughts that trigger anxiety
  • When you confront a stressful situation and are having anxiety provoking thoughts which reduce your ability to concentrate and cope with the moment
  • When you feel tension or fear and need to be reminded to relax
  • When you have completed an anxiety provoking activity and you want to acknowledge that you succeeded in getting through the stressful event by using your coping skills


Examples of stress-coping thoughts


  • There’s nothing to worry about
  • I’m going to be alright
  • I’ve succeeded with this before
  • What exactly do I have to do
  • I know I can do each one of these tasks
  • It gets easier once I get started
  • Don’t let negative thoughts creep in



Confronting the stressful situation


  • Stay organized
  • Take it step by step and don’t rush
  • I can only do my best
  • Any tension I feel is a signal to use my coping exercises
  • I can get help if I need it
  • If I don’t think about fear, I won’t be afraid
  • If I get tense, I’ll take a breather and relax


Coping with fear


  • Relax now
  • Breathe deeply
  • There’s an end to it
  • Keep my mind on the hear and now, not the future
  • I’m afraid only because I decided to be, I can decide not to be
  • I’ve survived this, and worse before
  • Once I’m doing something my fear gradually lessons


Reinforcing success


  • I did it!
  • I did all right. I did well
  • Next time I wont have to worry as much
  • I am able to relax away anxiety
  • It is possible not to be scared. All I have to do is stop thinking that way.